You Need Pay Attention on Tinder Threesome

In real life, if you want to find a threesome dating partner, you may face a lot of challenges. Although many people are starting to try three way dating, there are still some people who are unacceptable about such dating. […]

How to have a threesome with a bisexual couple?

Are you a bisexual woman? Have you ever thought about trying a threesome dating? Have you ever thought about turning your threesome fantasy into reality? If the threesome is your ultimate fantasy, then when you want to turn it into […]

Do not fix your relationship through threesomes

Many couples, especially many wives think that adding another person into their sexual life could somehow remedy their plain relationship or infertile sexual life. Actually, they are thinking it wrong. An already-damaged relationship cannot be fixed by having tinder threesome, […]

How to find someone to hookup with online?

How to find someone to hookup with on 3some apps? Many friends asked me about it before to have a couples dating. Actually, I don’t see there is anything to tell in regard to this question. Just download 3some apps […]

My first tinder for threesome with my husband

It has been for nearly one year since we decided to try a threesome together. We were told by many friends that threesome can possibly ruin our marriage, so we prefer to keep it steady and safe. Neither of us […]

My Hottest Threesome Dating Experience

My wife and I have had a lot of threesomes, since tinder threesome has become a popular kinkd way among couples and swingers. We have had great threesome dating both with other men and women we met in our travelling […]

Having an unexpected threesome with my friend

I am interested in threesomes and other swing stuff. I have been living a swinger lifestyle for a very long time. Threesome is one thing that I haven’t tried before. Actually, I did try more than once. Several times actually. […]