How to Ask Your Girlfriend to Have A Threesome?


As we all know that most men have a common fantasy about tinder threesome. Well, only few of them dare to make this common but taboo fantasy come true. You maybe have thought about having a 3sum dating for a long time, and you want to ask your girlfriend give her consent to join it together. But you have no idea how to ask her about threesome. So, you'll need some help. We have some good ways that can help you.

Although girls won't admit that they have a fantasy about threesome, they still have their weak desires. If you girl is generous enough to share you with another people, you have a great chance to fulfill your threeway dating fantasy. Here, we are going to lay out some tips about how to ask girlfriends to have a tinder threesome.

Talk threesome with her in a right time and right place

You know your girl well. If she is a traditional people considering anything over norms is unacceptable, then it is hard for you to talk with her about threesome. After all, it was a taboo in the past. In this case, you will spend a long time to convince her to have another person join your bedroom activity. Every girl is easy to jealousy, so you should keep patient and make it clear the purpose you want to have a three way date is for new sexual experience not for you are tired of the current relationship.

What is the worse situation to ask a threesome? It is the beginning of your relationship, especially if you are serious about it. You shouldn't do that. And your should not talk threesome with her when you are drunk. In any case of these two, she may feel stressed out and pushed. And she may also feel serious jealousy and you are using her, which is bad for your relationship. If you do cherish this relationship, the most suitable way to have this subject is in a relaxed or natural way when you two are talking about fantasy or sex. In this situation, she would give a consideration about three way date, because you have inspired her in this situation.

Be honest and sincere when you are talking with her

In a relationship, you are the world of your girlfriend. A pack of lies are the worse thing to her. So, be honest with her why you want to have a tinder threesome. If she rejects your idea, it means she is reluctant to share you with others. She is not the girl take the opposite path to conventional way of sex. It is vital to know your girlfriend's sexual preference well before you bring up to the idea of having a threesome hookup.


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