Reviews of Top 4 Threesome Apps 2018

The brief summary of the top 4 online dating app in threesome niche field that are ranked by our professional editors from 50+ apps for couples & singles. These apps are the most powerful and the most widely used apps adopted by most open-minded people to live a threesome lifestyle. You will also get lots of helpful dating tips and stories shared by other members on these apps to help you make your dream become truth. Whether you are a single or you are in a relationship, you will definitely find your ideal partner for a threesome meeting on these three apps: 3rder, Feeld Dating, 3Fun and 3somer.

Top 1 3rder

3rder is the greatest online dating app in threesome field designed especially for swinger couples and kinky singles. Over 45,000 members from US, UK, Canada and Australia are using 3rder now and there are lots of new members joining it every day. With so many powerful features, users can easily meet and chat with like-minded people in their own area. As long as you sign up for 3rder, this wonderful gay app that will help you to find your ideal partner to arrange a threesome lifestyle and it will never make you down.

Top 2 Feeld

Feeld dating app is always ranked to be the top threesome app by many websites. With its newest version Feeld makes connecting with couples and singles much easier and faster than ever before. It has the biggest community for people to share stories and tips about threesomes and swingers. With these useful tips, members on Feeld can easily find ways of getting connection with other like-minded people. It has helped a plenty of people establish a healthy and stable threesome relationship in the last few years.

Top 3 3Fun

3Fun claim to be the first big and the best threesome lifestyle and swing lifestyle app for kinky couples and open-minded singles to meet and hook up with local people for swinger lifestyle. The 3nder dating app is designed as a private community with which all uses can chat with local couples or singles with the same interest of swingers lifestyle for freedom. After registering a dating profile with at least one photo,  you can start to discovering single women who are seeking couples and couples who are looking for fall love with local single women or girls.

Top 4 3Somer

As a cool dating app in this market, 3Somer really provides a great platform for its members where they have many chances to meet different people from different places. This threesome hookup app offers a pretty useful options for its members to chat, meet and connect with each other. Users will find there are so many people share the same interest with them once they join in this app. Based on its huge user database, 3Somer can make it a easy thing for people to arrange threesome dating in the life.

I think there are no more reasons for me to stay on 3Somer

My boyfriend and I are curious about threesomes very much and we are looking for a partner all the time. Since we find it is difficult for us to get like-minded people in the real life, we come to the line for what we want. One day we knew an online dating app called 3Somer on a threesome dating review website, so we decided to download this app and use it for a while.

However, my boyfriend has some ideas different from mine. He wants to have a FMF threesome with me and another girl while I want to have a MFM threesome so that I can enjoy a threesome much better. As a result, we find our own partners on 3Somer to see if we can get the best results here.

After we begin our dating journey on 3Somer, we find all the things are going in the opposite way. When I sign up my personal account, it costs me much time to do this because there are too many categories of information that I have to input and I cannot skip these steps. On the other hand, my boy friend also meets many problems with where and how to find two girls for a threesome when he finds there are no FF partners playing this app for threesomes or they want a FFF threesome only.

We keep using 3Somer for about a month and both my boy friend and I can’t stand this useless app any more, so we decide to find our partner on other similar apps like tinder for threesomes. There are a variety of online apps on the market work for kinky people who are interested in threesomes, swingers or even foursomes. A young man I met on 3Somer told me that 3Somer has been removed from the store and he is meeting new friends on 3rder now. Because of his high recommendation to 3rder, we create our profiles as standard members since we have wasted much money on 3Somer but it is not worth the money.

Unlike other apps such as 3Fun, swingery and Feeld dating in threesome dating field, 3rder is completely a user-friendly and fascinating swinger app. Owe to its clear layout and simple navigation, you can go any function as you wish by clicking the option button. Based on a large user database, it is possible for you to meet thousands of like-minded couples and single people here while you even don’t need to pay any money for it. And you are assured by 3rder that your account will be kept forever whether you would like to pay for this app or not.

Now my boy friend and I have already found our respective partners and we have made an agreement that it is much better to invite each other to participate in a threesome. I wish all guys on 3rder can get a full success on threesome dating.