What Makes Our Life Interesting


Firstly, I am happy to tell you the answer to the question above, that is my swinger lifestyle together with my husband and our unicorn makes our life interesting. Before we participated in a private party hold by one of our best friends, I knew nothing about swinging because we seem to be a normal couple who don’t often try to give lots of tastes of things. But after that party, some changes were slowly taking place.

As we finished the party too late, our friend lodged us in her house for the night and we were so glad to accept here invitation. I slept with her and we started chatting with each other and I didn’t know how we came to the topic threesomes. She told me her husband was curious about a threesome and he was trying to convince her to have a try to find out if it is as good as he was told. I was amazed at that moment and I didn’t think I would be in such an unusual lifestyle in the near future.

The next day, I told my husband about our talk and my husband said having a threesome is just the exact thing he has been wondering for a long time. He had fantasized about making love with another woman in front of me and maybe he is willing to share me with another single man. I never realized it is a fact that most men and a part of women are eager to bring a third person into their life for fun, especially among couples who have been married for many years. My husband said our sexual life is a little bit boring and actually I have the same feeling as well. Very easily, we agreed to find a unicorn to join us at first and later we would find a single man or a couple for more adventures.

Even though my friend’s husband is interested in threesomes, we decide not to invite him because we thought we were aiming at single women around us. Unfortunately, we didn’t find a suitable single woman and we began to know there are a variety swinger apps on the market providing arrangement platform for couples like us. We tried a few of them and we finally found a hot unicorn on 3rder dating app.

Now, we have been in a relationship with this woman for almost one year and we know it is the time to say goodbye to her as we are planning to live a swing lifestyle with a couple. We all appreciate this great experience that brought both we and our partner enough enjoyment last year. We are confident about our dating trip on 3rder since it continued to get better and better all the year and we believe it will help us find a compatible couple as soon as possible.


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