Do not fix your relationship through threesomes


Many couples, especially many wives think that adding another person into their sexual life could somehow remedy their plain relationship or infertile sexual life. Actually, they are thinking it wrong. An already-damaged relationship cannot be fixed by having tinder threesome, but only by communication and honesty.

As a matter of fact, there are cases that many people take advantage of the desire of their partner wishing to fix their relationship to get them hooking up with another person fair and square. It is not cheating if everyone is presented there. This is what they think. However, if you cash in on your significant other to get yourself involved with another person sexually, it is cheating. It is even worse than cheating. Therefore, I am also telling you that if your partner is proposing to have couples dating together to spice up your relationship, the first thing you need to do is thinking about your swinger lifestyle relationship. Is it steady enough? Do you love each other? Are you sure about that? If you are not, don’t agree to it. He/she might be taking advantage of you.

As a divorced single, I was unfortunately encountered with such failed marriage and I was not wise enough to figure it out, nor was I lucky enough to be told with such suggestion. Back in a few years, my marriage was going through major difficulties. There was practically none communication and none sexual life between my husband and I. We didn’t know what was wrong. Maybe we shouldn’t marry to each other at the first place.

It was me who suggested to have a threesome. I thought maybe adding another person into our marriage could establish a new connection between us. My husband agreed, of course. No men could say no to such proposal when it was brought up by their significant other. We found a woman on a tinder for threesome dating apps. She was pretty and kind. After our first threesome, I told her our issue in marriage. She suggested that we should find a way to talk about it instead of having threesome. I liked her, although I didn’t take her advice, we agreed to invite her to be our regular threesome partner.

We kept that three way relationship for over two month. One day, she told me over phone that my husband was hitting on her, so she thought it would be better if she leaves. I agreed. Still, I didn’t know what to do with my marriage. I was thinking about finding another girl until I found my husband making love to another woman in our car. How foolish I was! I finally realized that it was him who had problems, not me. Having threesome hookup cannot fix it, but only a divorce. So we divorced. I am glad that I did that, so that I could meet my current life partner.


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