My Wife and I Become Fans of 3rder


About a year ago, I accidently saw a video of a threesome on the line. It was a FFM threesome involving two women and a man in the bed at the same time. It was the sex I am looking for all the time, I thought at that moment. From that day, I was determined to live a tinder threesome lifestyle with my wife but I was stuck at the beginning because of my wife.

My wife is a traditional woman who thinks having a threesome is weird and kinky. To be honest, I tried all I can do but I found she seemed to be unmoved at all so I came to Quora for help. I got a lot of useful answers from those kind hearted users; it was also on Quora I got to know there are a variety of couples dating apps specially offering services to people who want to experience threesomes. I chose 3rder to try because I was told it is not only an exclusive swinger app, but also a nice dating community with various customized dating tips and advice that can help with your problem related to threesomes.

I found 3rder is really a fantastic app. It was well designed with an easy navigation and a beautiful interface and they made you feel comfortable when I logged in for the first time. Even though I didn’t use any online dating app before, I didn’t spend much time to get used to it. What surprised me most were the large user database of 3rder and those great features provided by this professional app for your three way lifestyle. After submitting my profile in a short while, a few users came to say hello and I was allowed to give replies back without charging any money. According to their profiles, they lived not far away from my house and they showed high interests in me while they were talking to me.

In the following several months, although I didn’t get threesome dating, I did learn much on how to convince my wife to enjoy a trio with another woman. With those helpful methods, I spent another few months to persuade my wife and find our best partner and finally I did it. A day about half a year after I saw the video, a threesome happened on me and my wife and it started a totally new and exciting life for us.

Since the first time, we have made more than ten threesomes with four different women, twice a month. Now, no matter I or my wife, we are big fans of 3rder app and we will recommend this practical app to anyone being interested in threesomes.


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