The Reasons why 3rder Is so Popular among Singles and Couples


Since some threesome dating apps have been removed from the App Store for some reasons, 3rder has become a leading app for users to tinder for threesomes partners. Well known as a fantastic app in threesome dating field, 3rder has helped thousand of kinky couples and single find their own ways to threesome relationships. 3rder is always ranked to be a remarkable threesome app by its users and other threesome dating review websites.

3rder recently released a new version adding several useful features in order to make it better and better. Now new members are required to complete photo verification via a real photo. After taking photo, you need to wait for some hours and the support team members will check your photo. You are promised that your photo will only be used for verification and it will not be visible for other users.

Verification by photo is just another way for 3rder to keep scammers and fake users away from this great app. Most of the users of 3rder are real people who are serious about threesomes and they really want to find suitable partners. If you are new here, you are strongly suggested to do this verification step since other users will know you are real people and this will probably increase the chance to catch their eyes.

Compared with other similar threesome dating apps, 3rder charges users much less money. 3rder can be said to be the cheapest app in threesome dating field and it is absolutely an affordable app for most people. 3rder offers three different subscription plans to its members and for six months premium membership, it only cost you 6.67 per month.

3rder works well for its members all the time. Since 3rder made its first launch in 2015, it has run stable for more than 3years and during this time, there was nothing wrong occurred on this app. And this is the main reason why 3rder can be said to be one of the most reliable apps among threesome people.

3rder hasn’t released out any user information before. Information leakage incident didn’t happen on 3rder and it will never happen, either because 3rder has the most powerful firewall the protect members’ profiles and photos from being released out. Therefore, 3rder is called to be the safest threesome app for threesome interest people. No matter what race, hobby or ages you are, you can find your partners eventually and this reality makes 3rder to be a unique threesome app.


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